Creamy Kale (keyl) and Cauliflower (kaw-luh-flou-er) Casserole with Horseradish Béchamel

I've been busy! Slaving away in the kitchen making my horseradish béchamel from scratch and then pureeing my kale to make it into a soupy consistency...all while donning high heels and an apron. Riiiight. Or to be more accurate, Blue Apron has been busy. This is not the first time I've written about our Blue Apron meals For those unfamiliar with Blue Apronyou do have to cook the meals as the service just delivers the ingredients... so technically speaking I did whip up homemade horseradish béchamel but this post is not meant to be a love letter for the company or a humble brag that I'm just really awesome at following easy-to-comprehend photo instructions. We get a delivery on average about two weeks per month and despite some customer service frustrations (ie) it's 10PM and I'm still waiting for my box of food only to discover it was placed behind our garbage area and no one bothered to ring my buzzer...oh and it's been raining all night... I keep on coming back. 

To be fair, when I saw this recipe card pop out of the box, I was slightly underwhelmed. I mean, kale and cauliflower and creamy and horseradish just sounds like a hot mess of a combo. So we also cooked some pork tenderloin from Staubitz, an amazing butcher shop in our neighborhood that also happens to be the oldest butcher in NYC. And to iterate how amazing this shop is, please take a look at our Halloween costume from 2013 where infant Jenson was dressed up as a hotdog in a hotdog stand. The Staubitz boys saw us from the window and they ran outside to get a photo. Read: ran. I mean, they really do love all things meat. And all things pretending to be meat.  This is a meat shop after my own heart and I am a forever customer. But lets get back to the veggie casserole.

 I had low expectations for Jenson to like it but it was a surprising hit. And it was way better than I expected. It sort of felt like you were eating a decadent pan of macaroni and cheese, but it was made of veggies and not that bad for you. UMM...yes, please. And I have to say, I would never in a million years dream up this recipe, but it was a great way to introduce more vegetables into his meals and now an amazing opportunity for me to hashtag photos telling the Internet world how #blessed I am that my kid eats veggies smothered in béchamel cheese. Because we all know how fun it is to have other people tell us how #blessed they are. 

LOCATION: Homestead, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn