Vegan (vēɡən) Butternut Squash Alfredo (al-ˈfrā-dō)

It was only a matter of time before we ventured into the vegan territory. This recipe had me at "alfredo" and for all you vegan naysayers....until you've had a creamy, buttery, cashew-based sauce I don't want to hear it. You can just zip it. I channeled my inner house wife last Monday and dusted off the old hand blender. There was soaking, roasting, chopping and blending. Put a cigarette in my mouth and a martini in the other hand and you could have called me Mrs. Patrice Betty Draper. 

I had heard from a few of my health-conscious co-workers how amazing this particular vegan dish was. And I admit, I sometimes fantasize myself as this vegan Goddess running around NYC with my soy latte and ordering the tempeh dish for lunch with smug confidence. I have a long way to go, but I wanted to see if Jenson and Olly would like eating vegan. The resounding answer is yes. 

This dish was awesome. The type of awesome where you can't stop eating it out of the pan before you've served it. If you would've told me this dish had no butter or milk in it, I would have called your bluff. It's almost unreal how creamy the sauce is with only some vegetable stock and a handful of ground cashews. I threw in some mushrooms and extra white wine into the sauce because why the hell not. Jenson loved it. Olly loved it. I loved it. There was a lot of love going round the dinner table this night. And because I didn't want to completely ignore my non-Vegan roots, I added a sprinkle of pecorino to the top of each plate. 

Just call us the Brooklyn-based family who eats vegan.  How's that for a massive cliche? 

LOCATION: Home, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn