That's an octopus tentacle stuffed in that mouth of his. 6/01/14

That's an octopus tentacle stuffed in that mouth of his. 6/01/14

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Olly and our son, Jenson.

When I'm not terrorizing fine dining establishments with my toddler, I'm creating original video for the food and parenting sections at and producing for the weekend TODAY show.  After Jenson was born, determined not to give up my love of trying new restaurants and food, I decided to just bring him along for the ride. What started out as a platform to capture all the different foods my son ate for the first time, naturally evolved into a restaurant review site for families. As we boldly brought our son onto the dining scene, I started asking myself questions like Do they allow strollers? Is there a kid menu? Can we eat at 5PM ON THE DOT?! And there weren't a whole lot of resources to specifically address those kinds of questions. Now that I have a child, I look for a different type of restaurant when I eat out (for better for for worse) and it pretty much boils down to how many laser-beam stares of death my family will receive when we open the door. If it is high, we usually steer clear. 

So welcome to First Bites where we attempt to answer all of your depressing questions that you no doubt ask yourself before deciding whether to bring your offspring out on the restaurant scene. We tell it like it is and upload videos to really give you a feel of the place (laser-beam stares of death and all. So here are my family's delicious adventures in Brooklyn and beyond, and hopefully we can help make your next delicious adventure a whole lot easier. 

If you are new to the site, I suggest starting with this post where I break down how I devised the rating system. It's VERY scientific.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Patrice Poltzer xo