Marta (mahr-tah) Pizza

Some people are luckier than others and I'd say this particular evening, Jenson had a giant rabbit foot up his butt. Mama went out after work and met friends at Marta, Danny Meyer's (AKA Shake Shack Messiah) latest establishment that also happens to be on the "Best NYC Restaurants of 2014" list. I cannot take credit I'm afraid as my more in-the-know friend suggested we go here. It was only after I started reading about the buzz it was getting online that I then told proceeded to tell my coworkers again and again (and again) that I COULDN'T GET TOGETHER WITH THEM ON THAT TUESDAY BECAUSE I WAS GOING TO THAT PLACE MARTA ON 29TH STREET...YOU KNOW DANNY MEYER'S NEW HOTSPOT. I conveniently omitted the fact that if someone would've said Marta to me just 12 hours prior, I would've thought they were referencing the "Sound of Music."  Now the old me would've been there opening week but....that was the old me...and this is a moving forward type of blog. Moving on (or rather, forward.) 

We went to Marta and we went big. Like in torn pizza bread with ricotta, pistachio and honey big. And that was just what we started with.  Because we essentially ordered the entire left side of the menu between the four (technically five as my one friend is pregnant) of us...our final pizza order could not be finished.  Our loss=Jenson's gain.

Somehow I won the rights to take home the leftovers. I brought home a few slices of the Patate alla carbonara pizza. Let me elaborate for you. It was a thin crust white pizza topped with potatoes, guanciale, black pepper, pecorino and egg. Yep. And before you question the sanity of eating carbs topped with more carbs topped with pig cheeks, I implore you to just try this pizza. It was by far the best pizza we ordered off the menu and I am firmly in TEAM RED SAUCE camp. So that is how good this pizza was. 

Jenson knew something special was happening. If not only because I told him that not many 16-month-olds were eating leftover Marta that night. Because we had been on a bit of a vegan kick the week prior, I think he was questioning my parenting decisions when I set before him a plate of #VEGANFAIL. I explained to him that we can appreciate all different types of food choices and it's OK to go for the glutton every once in a while. He seemed satisfied with my answer and proceeded to finish off what we couldn't do at Marta. 

LOCATION: Marta, 29th E. 29th St, NY