Omelette (om-lit)

Another lazy weekend morning (or to be more specific a lazy Sunday since I work every Saturday (insert THIS.) We wanted to sit outside. I mean, who wouldn't want to gaze at scaffolding while dunking a croissant in a latte. One of our favorite spots in the neighborhood is a little French cafe called Provence en Boit.   We used to sit here on lazy Sundays and guzzle down bottleS of Rose and talk about important subjects such as what we were going to eat for the rest of the day and if we should change up the location.  Yeah, our Sundays have changed just a bit. 

Today, we guzzled down lattes, ate croissants and devoured omelettes, as only the French know how to make them. Jenson was into everything and didn't understand why mom wouldn't give him a sip of her latte. Olly and I thought about ordering a glass of Rose for old time's sake but decided 9AM was perhaps a touch early. We're just so responsible now. But a part of me thinks Jenson will one day appreciate the fact his mom and dad could stand down at a French cafe all day and drink Rose just because. 

LOCATION: Provence en Boit, Brooklyn, NY