Wagamama Squid (ˈskwid) & Chicken Teriyaki (ter-uh-yah-kee)

It is a bonafide travesty Wagamama has not come to New York. And to make it even more aggravating, Wagamama decided to set up shop in Boston...and Boston only. I'm not a native New Yorker but right about now would be the time to insert some insulting reference toward all things Boston. I just don't have the East Coast street cred to actually write that. Lets get back to Wagamama. Waga what you say? Wagamama. It is a restaurant chain that originated in London and they serve Japanese/Asian fusion food. It always hits the spot. Side note: This is a legit reason to snare a British husband...frequent trips to London which means MORE Wagamama. Usually I get my fix at Heathrow's Terminal 5 en route back to New York. It is always amazing and I find myself asking the server the same question each time: "Why on earth haven't you come to New York?" To this day, my question remains unanswered. 

I thought this time around, Jenson might be able to get a solid answer out of the server. After all, Wagamama is Japanese for "naughty child" or  "one who is willful and determined." I told Jenson we would be embodying the second definition that afternoon. He was given a kid's menu but I was not messing around. We all went straight to the Big Kid's menu and ordered Teriyaki Chicken Danburi, Yasi Katsu Curry and Chili Calamari. I had low expectations for him eating the squid because well....it was squid....it had chili powder on it...and he is one. But he inhaled that squid and did some serious damage to the danburi dish. My (waga) Mama heart soared. But than it sank because I knew I had him hooked...and we were going back to a land of WagaNADA. 

LOCATION: Wagamama, Heathrow Terminal 5, London