Junior's Cheesecake (cheez-keyk)


Depending on the day, this iconic diner is either fleeing its Brooklyn home for hundreds of millions of dollars or it's leaving in its wake, a lot of frustrated condo developers. Whatever the real story is, we didn't particular care this day. All we wanted was the cheesecake. Because who knows....this might've been our last chance. And maybe a Whiskey for mom and an Alabama Slammer for dad. My husband is British so all things Southern fascinate him. It didn't matter that I explained to him that an Alabama Slammer was basically a Cosmo in camouflage and a favorite among sorority girls. He is also fascinated by the collegiate Greek System so I only made his drink order all the more appealing. But I digress. 

We ordered one slice of original cheesecake to share and couldn't help but throw in a side of chocolate ice-cream. Or mom couldn't help it. What transpired next is one one for the Furst Bites record books. It was as if I was watching an addict in his element and I was supplying the drug. Sounds pretty dark doesn't it. But really it kind of was. It was mildly disconcerting to witness someone (your baby) feel so quickly and swiftly the immediate effects of SUGAR. Jenson couldn't get enough of the cheesecake and when I told him he couldn't have anymore, there were dirty looks flung. Can they even do that at one...the answer is a resounding YES.  Three hours later he was still feeling the effects of his cheesecake. We have not given him cheesecake since. But then again, after eating Junior's for your first time....there probably isn't any reason too. 

LOCATION: Junior's Restaurant, Downtown Brooklyn