Coconut Cream Ice (koh-kuh-nuht kreem)

Chances are you have not heard of this....and for that, I am truly sorry. Mamita will make your heart explode after trying one of her ice pops. Part ice pop, part ice cream in-a-tube, part actual fruit, part silky, creamy, cold awesomeness, I promise you will ask yourself after eating just one, "How in God's name have I made it this far in life without Mamita?" Mamita is in the bodega freezer around the corner from Jenson's daycare and he has a propensity toward Coconut Cream. It's Friday so that means all bets are off because it's practically the weekend. Normally, we would not make a dessert pit-stop before 10AM, but we were feeling naughty and the verdict is still out if Mamita will be as tasty when the temperature dips. (I'm guessing it will.) The only difficult part of this morning snack was telling him he had to share with the other mamacita. 

LOCATION: The bodega on the way to daycare, Brooklyn