Huh? That’s what I thought when I saw these on the menu. But it said “pastry puff” in the description which automatically means we must get them. They came with jam and nutella spread. Quite frankly, there isn’t much I wouldn’t eat dipped in jam or nutella. And I’m thrilled to report, my son feels the same way. However, if I'm honest Jenson didn't get to eat much of the nutella as I basically pulled rank on him. One of the perks of dining with someone who you can essentially lock down for the duration of the meal. Our Venezuelan friends were with us at our favorite bunch spot in the neighborhood and in the spirit of the place, we had a round of Croque Monsieurs to cap off our Choquettes. The French really know how to kick off a Sunday morning. 

LOCATION: Chez Moi, Brooklyn, NY