Di Fara Pizza (moment of silence)

If you have not heard of this legendary pizza spot in Brooklyn than I call bluff on your pizza-loving claims. We came on a holiday weekend because we figured the lines would be smaller. How naive of us. Estimated wait for a pizza pie? Two hours. We had a hungry 1-year-old and a hungry pregnant friend in tow. So we opted for the one-hour wait for just one slice. Yes... only one. Expectations were high. Upon entering the small corner shop we saw the pizza-making legend, Dom. As in the Dom who has been hand making each and every slice of pizza for almost 50 years. He looked just like he did in the pictures. Inside was a "fend for yourself" kind of atmosphere. There are no formal lines and no one takes mercy...not even if you're very pregnant friend is holding a cute baby.  So we got aggressive and ordered our slices. Plain cheese with Dom’s fresh basil tossed on top. One hour later they arrived and there was no talking for the approximately three minutes it took each of us to eat our slice of heaven. Jenson got his own piece but the animal came out in all of us….we ate most  (basically all) of his slice. We did give him a few bites. But he was mostly a bystander on this food outing. We are now a ruined family and wondering how we can ever eat pizza again. Believe the hype. It’s been a grand pizza-eating year for Jenson’s first year of life. 

LOCATION: Di Fara Pizza, Brooklyn, NY