Lamb Sausage "Merguez" (mɛərˈɡɛz) & frites

OK. So really he had fries with that lamb sausage, but the French just make everything sound better. It was his first birthday and his LA "Auntie" flew in to celebrate. That called for a raucous atmosphere and a whole lot of drool-worthy appetizers. And yes, he was living dangerously with no bib. One-year-olds....they think they know it all. We got a table full of appetizers but my petit garçon gravitated toward the sausage, fries and bread. His mama is from the Midwest so he can't fight biology. It was indeed a night to celebrate and the party really got started when the band kicked up....and his Auntie hand-fed him merguez. Because doesn't lamb sausage just taste better when someone is hand feeding you? Not a bad way to cap off your first year of life. 

LOCATION: Bar Tabac, Brooklyn, NY