Gjetost (yay-toast) Norwegian Goat Cheese

I first ate this in Norway and don’t let looks deceive you. Your internal dialogue (the annoying side) will be screaming at you, “cheese should not be brown” therefore “you should not eat it.” Guess who doesn’t have an annoying internal dialogue yet? Jenson. I hope he keeps it that way. He understands why mama buys heapfuls of this cheese every week. We usually sit together at the table with a cheese slicer and a block of this cheese and we pass slices back and forth…in silent understanding that we’re each winning at life. There is one person in the house who is not winning at life...my husband. He doesn't like this cheese and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't break my heart ever-so-slightly. Typically, I have to restrain myself from just taking a massive bite out of the block of cheese. It is that good. Put some jam on this cheese and place it on a Wasa flatbread cracker and you have a perfect meal. Jenson understands. And now I officially have another person on Team Gjetost in my house. 

LOCATION: Home, Brooklyn