Hush Puppies (huhsh puhp-ees)

The time had come for my child to experience some naughty Southern grub. We thought we'd start with cornmeal dough balls fried in deep fat that were legit. Like actually made in the South legit. We were in Kiawah Island, South Carolina and we couldn't resist the siren call of The Station Deli, a deli situated in a gas station that is way cooler than I'm making it sound. This was Jenson's first time in the South and I suspect he has now fallen prey to whatever his **daddy has. The Southern fascination (read obsession.)  I suppose I can't really blame him. The people just sound nicer, the Station staff referred to him as a "handsome little Hush Puppy" the entire time and Southerners fry ANYTHING. That's a trifecta of a whole lot of awesome. 

I took the Southern Ladies' love coos as a sign that we must order actual hush puppies. I thought a plate of fried chicken to accompany the hush puppies was a bit aggressive after a long morning of travel so I got him a grilled cheese...for nutritional balance. What a waste that was. Young Jenson had eyes for one thing only and it was in the form of a hush and a puppy. I encouraged him to try his pickle and he threw it back at the plate in disgust. So not Southern gentlemanly.  We really need to work on that. Allegedly, these cakes were fed to dogs to keep them from begging for scraps while other dishes were being cooked. I think the tactic worked a little too well. I mean, when you have a plate of hush puppies in front of you, are you really going to beg for another dish? Me neither. Something tells me this is the start of a lot of future father-son South of the Mason-Dixon Line trips. Southern have been warned. 

LOCATION: The Station, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

**Jenson's daddy is from the UK and apparently a lot of Brits really like the South.  Who knew.