Thai Veggie Dumplings (duhmp-lings) & Tofu (toh-foo)

Today was a huge day for a number of reasons. Jenson decided to take his first steps and it was the third day of a three-day juice cleanse his parents attempted (somewhat pathetically) to complete. We made it 2.5 days. Damn his walking and it calling for a celebratory meal. Drinking another kale and flaxseed shake just seemed really not in the spirit of things. But eating Thai food at our favorite local spot did. 

We ordered tofu, veggie dumplings, tom yom soup and summer rolls. The "old" (i.e.) two-and-a-half days would have had our way with a pad thai, another noodle dish--because why the hell not, a curry dish and some sticky rice on the side. But since we were still neck-deep in our cleanse and feeling slightly guilty, we listened to the Thai angel perched on our shoulders. Tofu and soup it was. It was blissful. It was not green liquid. But really it was blissful for all three of us. Jenson has love in his heart for tofu, which is admittedly more than his mama can sometimes say. The summer roll was tough to navigate, but the peanut sauce was not. And the veggie roll was a grand slam. There was another grand slam that evening as well. Our waitress. Jenson couldn't stop looking to his left pretty much the entire meal. Creepy. Or maybe it's a new found confidence. I mean, he did just take three unassisted steps straight into his mom's arms. Who could resist that...

LOCATION: Ghang Thai, Brooklyn, NY