Sunday video Series: New York Times Chicken Shawarma (shwȯr-mə)

We have another Sunday video installment. And I realize it is Thursday. But we all want it to be the it's just coming a bit early. Every Saturday in the New York Times Magazine they feature a recipe that I usually vow to clip on my fridge and make for Sunday dinner. That has never happened. 

But this particular Sunday I could not fight it any longer. It was chicken shawarma and it was speaking to me in very clear nostalgic tones. I have ended many a evening with chicken shawarma and at times I didn't necessarily remember the specifics of the sandwich...but it didn't matter because I just knew it was amazing.  This particular recipe sounded amazingly easy to make and you didn't even need a  vertical rotisserie...which is OBVIOUSLY the only reason why I have not been making shawarma all along.

So we set out to do a Sunday shop and we left the stroller at home...which proved to be a naive mistake right off the bat. Our grocery store that takes less than ten minutes to walk too took us almost a half hour..and then I insisted we then walk another half mile to get special hummus and pita bread at a Middle Eastern specialty store. Because dammit if we're going to make shawarma, we were going to do this right. Olly had bit of a hissy fit on the walk because he was going to miss the start of the Manchester United game but he eventually came round to the shawarma side. And Jenson was having a "I love daddy more" day so it all turned out. 

We (Olly) got cracking in the kitchen when we got home because hello...someone needed to film it! The meal was FANTASTIC and Olly and I inhaled it. It was almost (but not at all) like standing outside of a pita truck in the East Village at 3AM and saying on repeat to your friends that this was "the best thing you've ever eaten in your whole life."   But this time me and Olly were asking that question to our toddler. He dominated the pita and hummus (extra trip validated) but did not eat the cucumber and onion salad and wasn't that into the chicken. Foolish foolish baby. 

LOCATION: Home, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn