Vinny's of Carroll Gardens

Happy Monday! We're switching things up a bit here. As in video switching up. All this writing about food had me thinking that maybe (just maybe) people (OK, my mom) wanted to see some of these posts come to life. So we kicked off our inaugural Furst Bites video post at Vinny's of Carroll Gardens.

There was penne vodka pasta, Jesus statues and a virtually empty restaurant...because were were dining at 4:45PM. It was all very rock 'n' roll people. What I realized when I was editing is this post should really be about how toddlers suck the fun out of eating out. There I said it. I swore I'd never be like "those" parents who NEVER take their kids out to eat  because that is just lame. But I am slowly coming around to the lame side of the fence. After inhaling mass quantities of pasta and eggplant parmigiana at unnatural speeds, we left without paying the bill because we were just that frazzled. I also learned that my twelve years of Catholic schooling has been for naught when I pointed out "Baby Jesus " to Jenson and my non-Catholic husband pointed out it was actually St. Vincent. Big oops. 

But the good news is dining with a toddler is great for sobriety as I could barely finish one glass of wine and we were home before 6PM with a whole lot of drinking to do couch side. So things weren't all bad. 

LOCATION: Vinny's of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn