Sunday Video Series

Furst Bites YouTube launched a few weeks ago and we're already getting buck wild and launching a series....a series. Now hopefully this won't be a series of one video as I realize I'm putting this out and now have to walk the walk.  This whole day job thing really gets in the way of creating fun food videos with my son. But that day job does not interfere on Sundays, so may I present the inaugural video in my new "Sunday Routine" series. And what better Sunday to kick it off on than Super Bowl Sunday. I documented anything that Jenson ate that day and learned a few key takeaways. In my defense we were hosting about twenty people for the game so I wasn't that concerned about any balance in his diet that day. there is not a shade of green in sight. Some other takeaways and insights I learned after watching my video footage:

1- My husband desperately needs new pajama bottoms. Dear God. It's like he has given up on life post-married life. (says the girls who still wears nursing bras on a regular basis....even though she is not nursing.)

2-I am having major regrets buying Olly Ugg Slippers. The slippers combined with his pajama pants makes for a pretty wretched combo. Lesson learned. 

2-I add the letter "y" to the ending of a lot of my words when I talk to Jenson. For example, "foodie" and "busie" (his toy bus) and "nukie" (nuk/pacifier/dummy for the Brits). This needs to stop. 

3-Jenson eats a lot of yogurt. Like a lot. Maybe a bit lazy on my end I have decided. 

4- Olly and Jenson are two OCD peas in a pod. A cleaning pod to be exact. The amount of cleaning that went on that day was astounding. Let me clarify. The amount of cleaning that Olly did was astounding. And Jenson is quite obviously along for the ride.  How have I never noticed the depths of this?

5-Jenson likes to get down. As in music get down. I knew he always had an affinity for the beat, but filming him all day made me realize just how big that affinity for dance was. Even the vacuum was an excuse to bust out some twerking.

6-My son eats A LOT. I work so his school makes all of his meals and snacks every week so I guess  I am not that attune to how much he consumes. But homeboy knows how to eat. If it's this bad at 17 months what will it be like when he is 17?

7- We spend a lot of our day talking about, thinking about and making food. And that is fine with me! 

Stay tuned for the next EXCITING Sunday routine!