Naked (ney-kid) Juice

Well didn't this one just throw us for a loop. We were heading back home after an intense park session and thought we'd get a snack at a nearby bagel shop. Olly went for the Naked green juice and I wrangled with getting the piece of fruit or the giant cannoli. The cannoli won. 2015  is starting swimmingly. We sat down and naturally I thought I'd be battling my 16-month-old on who gets to hold, and therefore, eat the cannoli. How wrong I was. He made a beeline for Olly's Green Machine drink and he took no prisoners. Naked's green machine tagline is, "Looks weird. Tastes amazing." And I definitely understand the first part of the tagline. As someone who falls under the cannoli umbrella when hankering for a snack, I stared at these two aliens across the table as they shared this drink.  Each taking turns drinking (well one person was taking turns) and Jenson emitting actual tears when Olly grabbed the juice (a little too aggressively apparently) out of his hands so he could have a swig. 

I admit, at times I shamefully stared down at my cannoli which just looked a bit pathetic next to the bottle of vitality my two boys were sharing. I'm used to wiping milk mustaches but not the green machine versions. But it is the start to a new year and the resurrection of new and improved habits.  And with that...I think my toddler just schooled my January. 

LOCATION: Atlantic Bagels Cafe, Brooklyn Heights