Bijan's Brooklyn

You know how there is always that place in your hood that you pass by all the time and you say to yourself, "How have I never been in that place?" Bijan's is that place for me. Since we moved to Boerum Hill in March, I have passed by that place no less than 400 times and it just looks like it's going to be awesome. The type of place that calls you to sit by the window and diligently work your way through each and every cocktail on the menu. And you wouldn't even feel guilty about it because they make the drinks with IMMUNE-BUILDING spices. Yep. So that vodka drink you like...they add HEALING mint and immune-building elderflower and cayenne. "Why yes, I'll have another one because I CARE about my antibodies"  Sign me up. 

Unfortunately, the first time I went into Bijan's it was not to work my way through their magical cocktail menu and build an Iron Curtain of immunity. Toddlers are a bit of a buzzkill for that type of afternoon. But we did manage to work our way through the meze side of the menu and the Persian chicken wings coated in honey and chili sauce. The eggplant and crushed walnuts came to the table accompanied with yogurt and shallot dip. Which is essentially tzatziki...and you might have forgotten, but tzatziki is my everything. 

Jenson took  hankering to the yogurt dip (DUH, he is his mother's son) and wasn't that interested in the wings. His loss equals our gain. The eggplant and walnut dip was a minor success with him but he was soon distracted by the mini stage area by the window. The exact area I often walk past and look longingly at the various groups of people getting their drink on. Funnily enough, I didn't notice any of the passerbyers staring longingly in while Jenson was getting his dance on. 

We'll be back if only because we didn't really get a proper menu sampling and it's the winter. So we really should get our immunity in tip-top shape. 

LOCATION: Bijan's 81 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn