Guacamole (gwä-kə-ˈmō-lē)

It was a Thursday and there was much to celebrate. Jenson's Auntie was in town and he had officially graduated to the "non-baby" class at daycare. Occasions like that call for Margaritas and guac. We decided to try a place in our hood that we haven't tried before. There were guns on the wall, paper lantern on the ceilings and men on the wall wearing Sombreros in totally non-ironic ways. The atmosphere hit it out the park....the main dishes not so much....but the guac delivered. We've come a long way since this moment. I'd be insulted too if someone mixed breast milk with a bowl full of mashed avocados and served it to me. But now he knows what a bowl full of avocados should taste like.

LOCATION: Mad Dog & Beans, Brooklyn, NY