Chobani Yogurt (yoh-gert)

Oh, why hello again. It's been a while. Too long. And I can explain. Jenson is most likely holding some sort of Guinness Book of World Record title for living the longest before sprouting a tooth. As of last week he is just starting to pop one. And I mean just barely. He is almost 16-months-old. Before I had a baby I (thankfully) had no idea what that meant in terms of "babies getting teeth" milestones. But now I do know and that is bloody old not to have teeth. Which brings me back to why I haven't posted in a while. It's because all he wants to eat is yogurt. Most specifically...Chobani greek yogurt. (You can take the boy out of Brooklyn but you can't take....)

And taking photos of your child eating yogurt (and I mean...ONLY yogurt lately) on a nightly basis just doesn't make for the most diverse posting.  So I've spared you all as while this night was key lime, the night before was probably vanilla and the night before that may have been blueberry, strawberry or an apple cinnamon. You can see why Furst Bites has had to take a back seat. Nothing against Chobani yogurt. In fact, if not for Chobani....I have no idea what he'd be eating for dinner as arepas and octopus is just so....early 2014.  

But I can't blame him. Homeboy is in a lot of visible teething pain lately (it's about time) and cold, yogurt seems to be the only thing that he wants after the hour of 5:30PM. So bon appetit! Yogurt it is for tonight....and maybe the next night....and possibly even the night after that. 

LOCATION: Home, Brooklyn