Grilled Cheese(griled cheez) at the the Gourmet Whaler

This is a throwback Monday to our little weekend jaunt in Cold Spring Harbor, NY a few weekends ago. And yes, we are still not suburb people in case inquiring minds wanted to know. But we are grilled cheese people. After a long morning hike and an awkward walk along the shoulder of the main road, we needed to refuel. We spotted a quint little restaurant called the Gourmet Whaler off of Main street. OF COURSE it's on Main Street. Although that is surprisingly not the most common street name in the country. Second Avenue is the most popular street name in America. Thank you Snapple bottle cap. 

Anyway, we went in and the word on the (Main) street was the fish tacos were a home run. We ordered an order of fish tacos, a meatball sandwich and a grilled cheese. Jenson only had eyes for the grilled cheese...although he was a little underwhelmed. His first proper grilled cheese was served to him in the South alongside a basket of hush puppies. I am not expert, but I'm pretty sure that's how you do grilled cheese. It's like he was saying to me "You serious, mom?" when I placed the plate of food in front of him. I told him we had lots more awkward shoulder-of-the-road walking to do and he was going to spend the day around large patches of grass (a rare experience) so it was wise to carb load. Those words struck a chord. He proceeded to inhale the grilled cheese with gusto. And we were then off on our merry way...

LOCATION: Gourmet Whaler, Cold Spring Harbor, NY