Plum Organic Pouch (pouCH ) & Goldfish (gohld-fish)

Because life isn't always about poppin (milk) bottles and eating deconstructed (insert annoying food item) at a restaurant. Sometimes you've got to move and there's no time for a proper sit-down meal. You can actually hear the French gasping with horror. But this particular day there were lions and white rhinos to see (hopefully for a long time coming) and zoo-food seemed like a poor allocation of funds. So we brought our own. Now you must understand it took me a bit of time to get on the pouch band wagon. I thought it was weird to see kids around my hood with pouches of food (?) suctioned to their little faces and that was apparently called a meal. But then life happened and public transport happened and sometimes crying happened...and all of this sometimes happened during meal time. And then one day I actually looked at the ingredients on these pouches....and realized I was properly schooled by Plum Organics

We brought one of his favorites...the spinach, peas and pear pouch to dine alfresco by the flamingo exhibit. Because fruit and veggies just taste better when you are bird watching.  Jenson can inhale a pouch in about seven seconds. I then reached in the bag and gave him some goldfish snacks like a proper American parent. He ate those in about 10 seconds. All this meant was that we were then on our way to the gorilla exhibit with a full belly in less time than it takes to get him strapped into his booster seat at the table. Ferris Bueller says, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it."  Don't mind if we do just that....and have a nutritious meal suctioned to our face at the same time. 

LOCATION: Bronx Zoo, New York